Investment Process

We undertake a set advice process to ensure a consistent outcome.

  • Determine your individual objectives – for example, your required level of income at your selected retirement age.
  • Understand your attitude to Risk, Reward and Volatility  by asking you to complete our own Attitude to Risk questionnaire.
  • Agree on an initial Asset Allocation for your investments based on your answers and subsequent discussions, in line with the following Risk Profile outcomes:


Cautious to Moderate


Moderate to Adventurous


  • Select appropriate funds for you
  • Agree an on-going review schedule

Investment Philosophy

  • Investment success comes from the consistent application of a robust process
  • Diversification from various asset classes to reduce risk without sacrificing returns
  • Long-term returns come from a regularly reviewed asset allocation strategy
  • Investment decisions should relate to financial planning objectives e.g. Income and Growth
  • Trying to time the market is a risky strategy that often fails
  • Recommended funds display consistent risk-adjusted returns combined with low charges
  • Both active management and passive strategies can play a part
  • Investors should know and understand the reasons for investing every part of their portfolio.

Fund Selection

  • Undertaking comprehensive investment  research processes  using the latest software tools to determine the most suitable funds for each of our recommended asset classes
  • Our research process aims to find investment funds that are most likely to deliver consistent performance
  • We start with the entire universe of collective investment funds. These are divided into the relevant geographic sectors before we apply our research criteria to each and every fund. Funds that demonstrate above average risk managed returns combined with a low ongoing charges figure are typically preferred by this research process.
  • Regularly attend meetings held by leading Investment Companies where our chosen Fund Managers are presenting on the outlook for their sectors and performance of their funds.

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