Our Fees

Initial Meeting and Scope of Work

We offer all new clients an initial meeting which is at our expense and without any obligation. This is generally at your home or place of work.

Following this first meeting, we will write to you with a personalised Scope of Work which confirms the services we can provide and the cost of these services.

Financial Review and Recommendation

We charge a fixed fee for our services depending upon the complexity of your situation.

The fees for our Financial Review and Recommendation services start between £685.00 for recommending Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) up to £2,170.00 for a review of an existing Defined Benefit or Safeguarded pension.

Our fees will be higher in some cases depending on the complexity and scope of the advice we are delivering. We will always tell you exactly how much you will pay before you agree to proceed with our services.

Plan Arrangement and Implementation

To arrange or implement any financial product solutions we charge a fixed fee ranging from £185.00 for pension or investment plans up to £570.00 for mortgages.

Compare Us

We are sometimes asked how our fees compare with our competitors. We expect not to be either the cheapest or the most expensive.

For example if we charged a Financial Review and Recommendation fee of £2,170 and a Plan Arrangement and Implementation fee of £185 giving a total £2,355.00 we would expect to be cheaper than many of our peers who charge up to 3% of the investment amount, when looking at an investment of £100,000 or more.

Also many IFAs do not charge separately for the Advice and Implementation but bundle the price together, which you only pay if you apply for an investment or pension product.

Non Investment Protection and General insurance contracts are usually implemented on a commission basis, with the commission payment paid to us by the Insurance Company arranging the contract.

Ongoing Service

To deliver these services we charge a fixed fee depending on the level of support required.

  • Bi-Annual Review: For those people who have significant assets currently under investment, for those with a higher risk profile investment strategy, or those with detailed requirements for Income or Capital Growth in the short term, we would recommend a review meeting twice each year. The meetings would cover all the items mentioned under the Annual Review described below, but by taking place over the shorter timeframe, this would allow us to react more swiftly to changes in Market Outlook and income yields, any changes in Fund aims or Fund Managers, as well as more time to cover capital and income requirements, tax efficiency and retirement planning along with Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning.

Our fee for this option is £1,565.00 per annum

  • Annual Review: We will contact you to arrange a review meeting when we can discuss in detail how your investment has performed over the previous year and compare output from our research on how we had expected it to perform. We will also discuss the market outlook in the relevant sectors and whether we expect performance to continue in line with those expectations. We will reassess the risk position of the funds held to see that they still meet with your Risk profile which may itself need to be reassessed given any change in your circumstances. We will discuss your income or growth requirements for the year to come, and set the strategy for the following year which may result in a recommendation to switch products or funds.

Our fee for this option is £870.00 per annum

  • Annual Report: This is carried out by email or post and does not involve a meeting. We will report on how your investment has performed over the previous year and compare this to how we had expected it to perform.

Our fee for this option is £330.00 per annum

Assets above £450,000 will attract a higher Annual Fee, typically £2,870 which will be agreed with you in writing first.

We don’t charge for the value of directly held assets like property or Bank and Building Society accounts.

Our fees can be deducted from your investment if permitted, else paid directly by you either annually, bi-annually or monthly.

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